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Our Rubber Chemistry Company named Tiknaz produces rubber and acrylic floor covering for sport center, playground, tennis court, basketball court, fitness center floors as well as epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems for industrial floors, hospital floors and factory floors. Our company also produces sports equipment, basketball hoops, manufactures volleyball and tennis courts, steel construction, steel roof, building construction and makes its installation.

Our company offers some solutions which are suitable for offices, hospitals, commercial centers, restaurants, kitchens, hotels, stores, shopping centers, parking areas, pharmaceutical plant, meat combines, veterinary clinics, sport facilities, airports, aircraft hangars and many floors with products of Lay-epoxy (epoxy floor covering) and Lay-pol (polyurethane floor covering) manufactured by the company.

Our company which may have customer oriented ways of working in relation to Lay-epoxy and Lay-pol products, makes productions in a wide range of colors according to the requests and offers solutions according to the requirements.

Our company provides service with Lay-flex products in playfields and park and garden floors by both preventing rubber from staying in the nature as a waste and by providing aesthetics contribution during the production of rubber and acrylic floor coverings which are essential for landscape designs and which is another field of our company.

Tinaz Kauçuk Company which produces main equipments of acrylic court coverings, polyurethane floor systems and provides them for many applicators, offers solutions for playground, walking trails, gardens, terraces, picnic areas, runways, athletic fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf clubs, shooting ranges and many floors with the floor coverings made from EPDM, SBR rubber granule.

Tinaz Kauçuk Company which certified its product quality in Europe now exports its products to countries such as England, Denmark, Cyprus, Russia, Iraq, Albania, Bulgaria and Kosovo and continues to increase its export every passing day. Speaking of the references which is a proof of holding the product quality and pricing together and which is a mirror of the companies today, Tinaz Kauçuk has been involved in many prestigious projects with its products. Because of the fact that this company completed the construction of walking trail with tens of thousand of square meter and playground floor for the municipalities in due time and without sacrificing quality as well as the references such as Dora Park, Greenium Evleri, Sinpas Ottomanors, Agaoglu Myworld, Basaksehir Konutlari, Bahçesehir Kolejleri, MEF Okullari, Çelebi Holding, S International Binicilik Kulübü, Terra Porte Evleri, Adiyaman University Fitness Center, Kirklareli University Fitness Center, Türkiye Jokey Kulübü, Adiyaman University Pergel Insaat Office Modulation which are available in the private sector, this company had the opportunity to work with many municipalities. Tinaz Company had the opportunity to work with the municipalities such as Maltepe Municipality, Sisli Municipality, Küçükçekmece Municipality, Bahçelievler Municipality, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and several municipalities. Some of our references of sports arena are as follows: 10 indoor sports facilities in Tekirdag, 5 sports halls in Bursa, 4 sports halls and 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Adana, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Van, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Batman, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Bandirma, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Adiyaman, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Antalya, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Zonguldak, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Edirne, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Sivas, 1 floor covering of outdoor sports area in Mus, 2 floor coverings of outdoor sports area in Mersin, 6 floor coverings of outdoor sports area in Istanbul, 1 indoor sports facility in Giresun, 2 indoor sports facilities in Trabzon, 1 sports arena in Diyarbakir, 14 outdoor and indoor sports arenas in Iraq and several uncounted references. Tinaz Kauçuk Company which takes total quality management as a goal, offers a full and integrative service for its customers ranging from product supply to implementation and would like to include you, dear valued sector members, among its customers.